Are eyes defenceless against sunburn?

Although overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays whether from the sun or artificial sources can be damaging to health and vision, eyes don’t really get the sunburn like a human skin. It means that your eyes won’t turn pink or get a darker tone.

Sunburn to the eyes usually means damage to retina or cornea in Abu Dhabi and any other place in the world per se where sun unleashes its full fury; especially during summer season. When looking directly at the sun, the feeling is definitely uncomfortable which means UV rays can sting your eyes, making it impossible to stare directly at the sun for too long. Doing so purposefully or simply intentionally can cause permanent blindness or long-term vision deformity.

Effect of light on eyesight

Damage to the eyes either through natural or artificial UV rays is termed as “photokeratitis”. It’s also known with many other medical terms where each describing the negative effects of UV exposure to the eye. Take for instance flash burn or welder’s flash/torch which gives the eyesight a sudden burst of UV light as well as reflection of sunrays from snow which is referred to as snow blindness.

Cataract is yet another onset that may occur when eyes are overexposed to direct sunlight whereas development takes place over a number of years, eventually leading to blindness if left untreated. People with a hazy or cloudy layer on either one or both the eyes usually have cataracts and while this is a normal ageing sign common among the older adults, symptoms aren’t to be taken lightly.

It’s obvious of us to wear sunglasses or other prescribed eyewear for protection against harmful sunrays and even UV rays emitted by artificial sources. The best way to guarantee protection of the cornea in Dubai is wearing only prescribed glasses since UV rays can damage the eye in different way, depending on exposure and vulnerability of a person.

And while there’re eyewear options giving 100% UV protection, many other alternative options can reduce the vision problems for good.

Healthy lifestyle is to a healthy vision

A healthy lifestyle is crucial to overall improved health including various eye anomalies. Proper workout sessions accompanied by a diet rich in essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals can guarantee clear vision. Regular intake of Vitamin A and C offers excellent protection against cataracts and various eye anomalies. That said, Vitamin C is also an important antioxidant that can be received from collard greens, orange juice and leafy vegetables so on.

Much like many other parts of a body, eyes greatly benefit from a healthy diet. There’re approximately 17 essential minerals, vitamins and herbal supplements to help you maintain a sound and long lasting vision. Medical/scientific research has proven that these essential vitamins and minerals offer exceptional protection against many different eye anomalies including cataracts and glaucoma.


Although wearing prescribed eyeglasses can improve eyesight, various vision anomalies are treated through surgical procedure performed by laser technology which we know as LASIK. Remember, prevention is still a better way to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

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